A Call for Change: Meredith Baker’s Emotional Response to Gun Violence in America

Meredith Baker’s journalistic work has taken her to various countries such as Brazil, Mozambique, Kenya, Cape Verde, Namibia, Honduras, South Africa, and Portugal. Every experience was an opportunity for her to hone her skills as a songwriter.

While she is based in London, she often tours Europe and plays in festivals in Costa Rica. However, her song, “This is Home,” is a heartfelt response to the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings that occurred in December 2012. It is a powerful call-to-action to make America’s gun laws safer for everyone.

Baker’s song conveys a mix of hope and anguish, as she expresses her frustration over the issue. It is an emotional plea for change, and she hopes that it will be a part of a larger movement to improve gun laws in America.

In light of the current political climate in the country, it is crucial to consider the underlying message of this track. We must work together to create a safer and more secure environment for everyone.


  • Hellen Meyer

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