Action Bronson’s New Single Will Have You Dancing in the Kitchen (And Craving a Snack!)

Get ready to chow down on some fresh Action Bronson tunes in 2022, because this rap underground hero is back and still delivering the same ol’ good stuff we all know and love. Even with a small cameo in a Scorsese movie under his belt, Action Bronson hasn’t lost his signature sense of humor or ability to keep it real.

The first single from his upcoming album ‘Cocodrillo Turbo,’ appropriately titled “SubZero,” is the perfect example of what makes Action Bronson so great. With a jazzy beat that will get your head bobbing and a music video that’s just as ridiculous as you’d expect, Action Bronson reminds us that music doesn’t have to be so serious all the time.

It’s safe to say that we can expect plenty of food puns on this upcoming album, but for now, we can enjoy the mouth-watering goodness of “SubZero.” So get ready to dig in and savor the flavor of Action Bronson’s latest work, because he’s back and better than ever.


  • Hellen Meyer

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