Full Circle: The 1975’s Latest Release Delivers Bangers, Ballads, and Weird Ones

The 1975 have us feeling all kinds of things with their latest album, “Being Funny In A Foreign Language.” With a track list that covers all the bases, from banger anthems that make us want to dance (“Happiness” and “I’m In Love”) to mellow ballads that hit us right in the feels (“All I Need To Hear” and “Oh Caroline”), and even some wonderfully weird tracks thrown in for good measure (“Part Of The Band”), this album is a journey.

We’ve got to say, it’s the band’s most polished and refined album yet. While they’ve always been sonically tight, this record’s 11 tracks are the perfect length, keeping things focused and intentional. It’s a refreshing change from their previous albums, which at times felt like they were going on forever. “Being Funny In A Foreign Language” is proof that The 1975 continue to evolve and grow as artists.

So go ahead, turn up the volume and lose yourself in the sounds of this incredible album. Whether you’re a longtime fan or a newcomer to the band’s music, there’s something here for everyone. Just be prepared to feel all the emotions.


  • Hellen Meyer

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