Los Angeles artist breaks boundaries with avant-garde sound in new album release

A.O. Gerber is back, baby! It’s been more than two years since her debut album, Another Place To Need, captured hearts with its symphonic musing on love and overthinking, and now she’s come back with a stripped-down sound on her sophomore album, Meet Me At The Gloaming.

Get ready to dive deep because the underwater synths in opening track ‘Disciple Song’ transport you to another dimension, exploring the significance of spiritual gurus and the impact they can have on our lives.

With kaleidoscopic layers of sound, this song is just a taste of what’s in store. But don’t worry, A.O. Gerber has got you covered. With ‘Looking For The Right Things’ and ‘You Got It Right’, she offers up indie rock gems with emotive vocals and thoughtful lyrics that speak to our deepest anxieties and the frustration of finding closeness. ‘You Got It Right’ is straight out of a movie soundtrack, with gentle piano and softly spoken lyrics that offer a meaningful reflection on the struggle to find your own identity in the face of other people’s perceptions.

Get ready for a journey through the avant-garde with A.O. Gerber’s Meet Me At The Gloaming.


  • Hellen Meyer

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