October Drift’s sophomore album is a fierce and emotive tribute to our troubled times

October Drift’s latest album, I Don’t Belong Anywhere, packs a powerful punch from its opening track, “Monotone,” to its final, heartbreaking moments. The song begins with a chant about the monotony of our modern world before erupting into a wall of guitar and lyrics that capture both the despair and the vitality of our times. Throughout the album, October Drift’s lyrics are often cryptic, but always potent. “Webcam Funerals” tackles the pain of losing loved ones during the pandemic, while the album’s final moments descend like falling into nothingness.

The band’s sound is reminiscent of Interpol, with powerful, gritty vocals, a bleak tone, and distorted guitars that create a sad and beautiful soundscape. While not breaking new ground sonically, October Drift brings a fresh perspective to their music, telling stories of their travels with experience and clarity. With indie cred that includes supporting bands like Editors and We Are Scientists, and being championed by indie legend Steve Lamacq, October Drift has rightfully found its place in the music world.

In short, October Drift’s sophomore album is a fierce and emotive tribute to our troubled times. Its raw power, haunting lyrics, and deft musicianship make it a must-listen for fans of indie rock.


  • Hellen Meyer

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